SmartGuard 360™ Automated Security

SmartGuard 360™

Introducing the Future of Security

Our flagship offering, set to redefine site security, the SmartGuard 360™, is a fortified, off-grid, quick-to-deploy unit. With state-of-the-art intruder detection, 24/7 image capture, and secure 4G communication, it's the perfect solution for temporary site security.

  • Comprehensive 360° Coverage
  • No need for solar or mains power.
  • 100% off-grid.
  • Striking Appearance: Deters would-be intruders.
  • 360° Field of View: Complete site surveillance.
  • Vocal or Siren Warning System

Elevate your security measures with Armour Security's SmartGuard 360™ system. Benefit from continuous monitoring by our dedicated SIA-licensed staff, guaranteeing round-the-clock protection, 24/7/365. Our commitment to excellence extends to the products we offer - the SmartGuard 360™ is built to endure harsh conditions and is backed by a robust nationwide network. 

We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we tailor our solutions. By strategically focusing investments, we ensure your site's security is optimised, drawing from top-tier products and regional crime data. For innovative and customised security solutions, Armour Security is the name to trust. Contact us today and discover how the SmartGuard 360™ system can safeguard your sites like never before.

Service features

  • Cameras: HDR cameras with 180 TO 320-degree view
  • Sensors: Smart PIR, remotely configurable
  • Illuminators: High-efficiency LED Blue Light
  • Anti-Tamper Technology: Advanced detection
  • Pet-Friendly: Ignores cats, foxes, badgers and dogs
  • Fast Response: Alarm signal in 0.15 s, photo delivery in <9 seconds
  • Longevity: Operates up to 3 years without battery replacement
  • Tamper Proof: Alerts for unauthorised tampering
  • GDPR Compliance: Cloud data on geographically dispersed servers
  • Optional: Flood sensors, site lighting triger on activation, site office heating and cooling automation & officer enviroment sensors.

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Areas Covered

Areas Covered

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Frequently asked questions

What is the SmartGuard 360™?

TheSmartGuard 360™ is a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system developed by Armour Security. It offers comprehensive 360° coverage, intelligent false alarm filters, and secure, GDPR-compliant cloud data storage.

How does the 360° coverage work?

The system is equipped with HDR cameras that offer a view ranging from 180 to 320 degrees, ensuring complete site surveillance. Combined with vocal or siren warnings, it provides robust protection against intruders.

Can the system differentiate between humans and animals?

Yes, the SmartGuard 360™ is pet-friendly and can ignore cats and dogs up to 80 cm in height, reducing false alarms.

How quickly does the system respond to an intrusion?

The system has an alarm signal delivery time of 0.15 seconds and a photo delivery time of fewer than 9 seconds, ensuring a rapid response to any intrusion.

Is the Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard tamper-proof?

Yes, the system is designed to alert for unauthorised tampering, adding an extra layer of security.

How long can the system operate without battery replacement?

The Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard can operate for up to 3 years without the need for battery replacement, making it a long-term security solution.

Is the data storage compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, the cloud data is stored on geographically dispersed servers that meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Can the system be customised for different sites?

Armour Security offers customised security solutions, tailoring the SmartGuard 360™ to suit the unique needs of various sites, including construction, civil engineering, utilities, vacant properties, and retail.

How does Armour Security ensure continuous monitoring?

Armour Security provides 24/7/365 protection through continuous monitoring by SIA-licensed staff and a certified alarm receiving centre (ARC).

How can I learn more about implementing the Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard for my site?

You can contact Armour Security directly to learn more about the product and how it can be tailored to safeguard your specific sites. Their team of experts will provide a detailed assessment and installation plan.