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SmartGuard 360™ White Label

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SmartGuard360™ stands at the forefront of Construction, Vacant Property, Farming and more, pioneering with advanced, future-proof technology and unparalleled service. Our white-label programme is crafted to position your brand at the cutting edge, empowering you to deliver forward-thinking, top-tier solutions under your own name. Partnering with SmartGuard360™ sets you apart in the current market and prepares you for the future, ensuring sustained excellence and innovation.

Partnership Advantages:

Partnership Benefits

When you partner with Armour, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a strategic ally. Our program includes:

  • Seamless Brand Integration: Custom-fit our cutting-edge solutions to embody your brand.
  • Direct Lead Forwarding: Receive all SmartGuard360™ inquiries from your region, enhancing your market reach.
  • Our commitment to your success is unwavering, as we work hand-in-hand to scale your surveillance business to new heights.
  • Generate additional keyholding and response business, expanding your service offerings and customer base.

Getting Started:

Embark on Your Journey with SmartGuard360™
channelledStarting your white label journey with SmartGuard360™ is straightforward and rewarding. Connect with us to explore how our solutions can be tailored to your brand's needs, ensuring a smooth integration and launch. Experience growth like never before, with every SmartGuard360™ inquiry in your area directly channelled to you.

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Areas Covered

Areas Covered

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Frequently asked questions

What is the SmartGuard360™ white-label programme?

The SmartGuard360™ white-label programme allows businesses to offer our advanced, future-proof security solution under their own brand name. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, providing you with cutting-edge technology and support.

How can SmartGuard360™ enhance our current service offerings?

As well as product profits, It generates new opportunities in keyholding and response services, helping you to grow your customer base and market presence.

Is technical support available for partners?

Yes, comprehensive technical support is provided to all our partners. We ensure you have all the necessary training and assistance for a seamless integration and ongoing operation.

What makes SmartGuard360™ future-proof?

SmartGuard360™ is built on the latest technology and is continuously updated to stay ahead of industry trends. This approach ensures that our partners are always offering the most advanced solutions available.

How does the lead forwarding process work with SmartGuard360™?

All inquiries and leads for SmartGuard360™ services in your designated area are directly forwarded to you. This ensures that you capture all potential business opportunities in your region.

What are the steps to become a SmartGuard360™ white-label partner?

To become a partner, simply contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will guide you through the customization process, assist with integration and launch, and support you in growing your business with our solutions.