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Ensure the protection of your valuable assets with Armour Security's virtual guard services. Our comprehensive video verification system provides peace of mind for businesses at construction sites, vacant properties, remote locations and more. Our virtual security solution integrates the latest video surveillance technology with highly trained security personnel, allowing for immediate verification of any intruders on the premises.

We don't just stop at video verification; we also offer additional security features such as gate sensors, digital lockboxes, smoke detectors, and external sounders. Our team will survey, install, monitor and maintain your virtual security system for an affordable weekly charge.

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Why we don't supply tower or ground unit CCTV systems?

Battery-powered static Towers or ground-based CCTV units may seem attractive with their sleek design and hassle-free installation, but they are far from adequate in terms of providing robust security. The vulnerability of their view to being blocked by stacked construction equipment and vehicles is just one of the many limitations that make these units substandard for surveillance purposes. Moreover, intruders can easily spot the cameras and avoid them, compromising the security system's effectiveness.

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Service features

  • No Charge for Security Response
  • 100% Solar Powered & wireless
  • In-House designed System
  • Remote control option
  • Wireless, remotely monitored
  • Up to 3-year battery life for low alarm activity
  • Actively monitors and deters via 105dB siren and audio alerts
  • Talk & listen to Site
  • Arm & disarm remotely or at set times

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Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual security guard?

A monitor properties remotely is a remote surveillance solution that uses technology that enables us to monitor properties remotely and provides real-time security responses to security incidents.

How does a virtual security guard work?

The system uses cameras, motion sensors, and other technology that enables us to monitor a property remotely. In the event of an incident, the virtual guard alerts a real security professional who can assess the situation and take appropriate action, such as a security response.

Do you supply towers or ground units ?

No, Battery-powered static Towers or ground-based CCTV units have limitations that make them insufficient for providing strong security. These units are vulnerable to obstructions such as stacked construction equipment and vehicles, and intruders can easily spot and avoid the cameras.

Does your Virtual Security Guard require on-site power and internet?

No, power and internet are included within the in-house developed solar container.

Can I live stream CCTV from my site?

Yes, the Virtual Guard plus includes a live streaming camera. However, as a battery-saving feature, it can only be used to check-in on-site occasionally.

How often do you need to visit the site to replace batteries?

We will not need to carry out battery changes; however, if your site produces significant activity, we may need to change camera batteries annually.

Do you charge for security response with your Virtual Security Guard service?

No, but subject to fair usage, we do not charge for confirmed intruder response. However, suppose your staff regularly activate the alarm, and we are not informed that they are meant to be on-site. In that case, there could be a charge for false alarm response.

Do I get access to the Virtual Security Guard system?

You can have access to the Virtual Guard streaming camera. We do not offer access to the Virtual Guard detection cameras as this can interfere with our monitoring and response services.

Can the system be set to auto arm and disarm at the times I choose?

Yes, we can set calendars, however this requires a site visit.

Who monitors my site with the Virtual Security Guard?

Our monitoring is in-house and performed by SIA licensed individuals who are familiar with your site. Unlike our competitors, who utilise unregulated firms that employ unlicensed individuals, we believe detection through response should be handled by security licensed individuals. 

What are the benefits of using a virtual security guard?

The benefits of using a virtual security guard include increased security, reduced cost compared to traditional security options, and the ability for us to monitor a property from anywhere in real-time and respond to intruders accordingly.

Are virtual security guards available 24/7?

Yes, virtual security guards are available 24/7 to monitor your property and respond to security incidents.

Can virtual security guards be used in conjunction with traditional security measures?

Yes, virtual security guards can be used with traditional security measures such as on-site security personnel, saving £1000s per week.

What type of properties can virtual security guards be used for?

Virtual security guards can be used for various properties, including commercial buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and farms. The only requirement is that the sites are closed when the system is armed.

Can virtual security guards be customized to meet specific security needs?

Yes, virtual security guards can be customized to meet specific security needs. Contact Armour Security to discuss your particular requirements.

How does the virtual security guard differ from traditional security personnel?

Virtual security guards differ from traditional security personnel in that they are remotely operated and use technology to monitor a property. Traditional security personnel are on-site and physically present at the property.