Frequently Asked Questions

We are a leading security services provider and are often asked diverse questions concerning security, our services, and general inquiries.

Vacant Property Key-Lock Box

How does Keybox work for vacant properties?

Keybox simplifies access management by allowing you to securely share access to vacant properties using PIN codes and Bluetooth keys, without the need for users to download an app.

Is Keybox secure for granting access to vacant properties?

Yes, Keybox employs robust encryption and synchronization technology, ensuring the security of access codes and data when sharing access to vacant properties.

Can I grant access to vacant properties remotely with Keybox?

Absolutely! Keybox's unique algoPIN™ technology enables you to grant access to vacant properties from anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility.

What access options does Keybox offer for vacant properties?

Keybox offers a range of access options, including one-time codes, duration-based access, recurring access, and permanent PIN codes, catering to the specific needs of your vacant properties.

Does Keybox require an internet connection for access management of vacant properties?

No, Keybox operates seamlessly offline, eliminating the need for continuous internet access. It ensures that you can manage access to your vacant properties even in areas without Wi-Fi coverage.

SmartGuard Prime™

What is a SmartGuard Prime™?

A monitor properties remotely is a remote surveillance solution that uses technology that enables us to monitor properties remotely and provides real-time security responses to security incidents.

How does a SmartGuard Prime™ work?

The system uses cameras, motion sensors, and other technology that enables us to monitor a property remotely. In the event of an incident, the virtual guard alerts a real security professional who can assess the situation and take appropriate action, such as a security response.

Does your Virtual Security Guard require on-site power and internet?

No, power and internet are included within the in-house developed solar container.

Can I live stream CCTV from my site?

Yes, the SmartGuard Prime™ plus includes a live streaming camera. However, as a battery-saving feature, it can only be used to check-in on-site occasionally.

How often do you need to visit the site to replace batteries?

We will not need to carry out battery changes; however, if your site produces significant activity, we may need to change camera batteries annually.

Do you charge for security response with your Virtual Security Guard service?

No, but subject to fair usage, we do not charge for confirmed intruder response. However, suppose your staff regularly activate the alarm, and we are not informed that they are meant to be on-site. In that case, there could be a charge for false alarm response

Do I get access to the Virtual Security Guard system?

You can have access to the SmartGuard Prime™streaming camera. We do not offer access to the SmartGuard Prime™detection cameras as this can interfere with our monitoring and response services.

Can the system be set to auto arm and disarm at the times I choose?

Yes, we can set calendars, however this requires a site visit.

Who monitors my site with the SmartGuard Prime™?

Our monitoring is in-house and performed by SIA licensed individuals who are familiar with your site. Unlike our competitors, who utilise unregulated firms that employ unlicensed individuals, we believe detection through response should be handled by security licensed individuals. 

What are the benefits of using SmartGuard Prime™?

The benefits of using a virtual security guard include increased security, reduced cost compared to traditional security options, and the ability for us to monitor a property from anywhere in real-time and respond to intruders accordingly.

Are SmartGuard Prime™ available 24/7?

Yes, SmartGuard Prime™ are available 24/7 to monitor your property and respond to security incidents.

Can SmartGuard Prime™ be used in conjunction with traditional security measures?

Yes, SmartGuard Prime™ can be used with traditional security measures such as on-site security personnel, saving £1000s per week.

What type of properties can SmartGuard Prime™ be used for?

SmartGuard Prime™ can be used for various properties, including commercial buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and farms. The only requirement is that the sites are closed when the system is armed.

Can SmartGuard Prime™ be customized to meet specific security needs?

Yes, SmartGuard Prime™ can be customized to meet specific security needs. Contact Armour Security to discuss your particular requirements.

How does the SmartGuard Prime™ differ from traditional security personnel?

SmartGuard Prime™ differ from traditional security personnel in that they are remotely operated and use technology to monitor a property. Traditional security personnel are on-site and physically present at the property.

How do I initiate the process of ordering and setting up Virtual Security Guard services with

Visit our contact page, answer a few quick questions, and we'll be in touch with the setup process.

SmartGuard 360™ White Label

What is the SmartGuard360™ white-label programme?

The SmartGuard360™ white-label programme allows businesses to offer our advanced, future-proof security solution under their own brand name. It's designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, providing you with cutting-edge technology and support.

How can SmartGuard360™ enhance our current service offerings?

As well as product profits, It generates new opportunities in keyholding and response services, helping you to grow your customer base and market presence.

Is technical support available for partners?

Yes, comprehensive technical support is provided to all our partners. We ensure you have all the necessary training and assistance for a seamless integration and ongoing operation.

What makes SmartGuard360™ future-proof?

SmartGuard360™ is built on the latest technology and is continuously updated to stay ahead of industry trends. This approach ensures that our partners are always offering the most advanced solutions available.

How does the lead forwarding process work with SmartGuard360™?

All inquiries and leads for SmartGuard360™ services in your designated area are directly forwarded to you. This ensures that you capture all potential business opportunities in your region.

What are the steps to become a SmartGuard360™ white-label partner?

To become a partner, simply contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will guide you through the customization process, assist with integration and launch, and support you in growing your business with our solutions.

SmartGuard 360™

What is the SmartGuard 360™?

TheSmartGuard 360™ is a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system developed by Armour Security. It offers comprehensive 360° coverage, intelligent false alarm filters, and secure, GDPR-compliant cloud data storage.

How does the 360° coverage work?

The system is equipped with HDR cameras that offer a view ranging from 180 to 320 degrees, ensuring complete site surveillance. Combined with vocal or siren warnings, it provides robust protection against intruders.

Can the system differentiate between humans and animals?

Yes, the SmartGuard 360™ is pet-friendly and can ignore cats and dogs up to 80 cm in height, reducing false alarms.

How quickly does the system respond to an intrusion?

The system has an alarm signal delivery time of 0.15 seconds and a photo delivery time of fewer than 9 seconds, ensuring a rapid response to any intrusion.

Is the Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard tamper-proof?

Yes, the system is designed to alert for unauthorised tampering, adding an extra layer of security.

How long can the system operate without battery replacement?

The Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard can operate for up to 3 years without the need for battery replacement, making it a long-term security solution.

Is the data storage compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, the cloud data is stored on geographically dispersed servers that meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Can the system be customised for different sites?

Armour Security offers customised security solutions, tailoring the SmartGuard 360™ to suit the unique needs of various sites, including construction, civil engineering, utilities, vacant properties, and retail.

How does Armour Security ensure continuous monitoring?

Armour Security provides 24/7/365 protection through continuous monitoring by SIA-licensed staff and a certified alarm receiving centre (ARC).

How can I learn more about implementing the Rapid Deployment Virtual Guard for my site?

You can contact Armour Security directly to learn more about the product and how it can be tailored to safeguard your specific sites. Their team of experts will provide a detailed assessment and installation plan.

Private Investigations

What are risk solutions?

Risk solutions can take many forms. Our Risk solutions include services generally offered in the professional investigator sector.

Are professional investigators regulated?

The professional investigator industry is not regulated. However, unethical or illegal practices can be met with heavy sanctions, including prison terms against the investigator. 

What legislation guides professional investigators?

We are guided by legislation such as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) codes of practice, The Data Protection Act, The European Human Rights Act 1998 and more.

People & Asset Tracing Services

How does Electronic Tracing work, and what data sources are used?

Electronic Tracing utilises consented data to find and verify new addresses for individuals in the UK. We have access to various data sources, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

What is the turnaround time for an Enhanced Trace report?

Enhanced Trace reports typically take around four weeks to complete, but our No Trace No Fee guarantee remains in place.

Can you explain the Due Diligence Check's compliance with data protection regulations?

Our Due Diligence Check strictly adheres to the DPA 2018's Lawful Basis for Processing rules, ensuring full compliance and confidentiality.

Will Comprehensive Asset Tracing affect a subject's credit score or leave a trace?

No, our Comprehensive Asset Tracing is discreet and leaves no footprint, and it does not impact the subject's credit score.

What industries or purposes benefit most from your tracing services?

Our tracing services cater to a wide range of industries and purposes, including debt recovery, legal proceedings, and personal searches. Feel free to inquire about your specific needs.

Mobile Security Patrols

What are mobile security patrols?

Mobile security patrols are a type of security solution where trained personnel monitor and patrol an area in a mobile unit, such as a car or golf cart, to detect and deter criminal activity.

What are the benefits of using mobile security patrols?

Mobile security patrols provide a visible presence that can deter potential threats, respond quickly to incidents or emergencies, and provide ongoing security surveillance that can reduce the risk of criminal activity.

What kind of areas do mobile security patrols cover?

Mobile security patrols can cover a wide range of areas, including business parks, construction sites, residential areas, event venues, and more.

How are mobile security patrols different from static security guards?

Mobile security patrols use mobile units to patrol an area and provide a visible presence, while static security guards remain in one place to monitor and secure a specific location.

How often do mobile security patrols visit my property?

The frequency and duration of mobile security patrols can be customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Do mobile security patrols use technology to enhance security?

Yes, mobile security patrols may use technology such as CCTV surveillance, alarm monitoring, and incident reporting to enhance security and detect potential threats.

How do mobile security patrols respond to incidents or emergencies?

Mobile security patrols are trained to respond quickly to incidents or emergencies and can provide access control, first aid, and other emergency services as needed.

What kind of training do mobile security patrol personnel receive?

Mobile security patrol personnel receive extensive training in areas such as threat assessment, emergency response, first aid, and customer service.

Can I customize my mobile security patrol service?

Yes, mobile security patrol services can be customized to your specific needs and requirements, including the frequency and duration of patrols and the use of technology such as CCTV surveillance.

How do I get started with mobile security patrols for my business or organization?

Contact Armour Security to learn more about our mobile security patrol services and how we can help protect your property and people with cost-effective and efficient security solutions.

Leading-Edge Commercial CCTV

What makes your CCTV services ideal for construction sites?

Our CCTV systems are specifically designed for construction environments. They feature robust and durable cameras that can withstand the rigors of a construction site, including dust, debris, and varying weather conditions. Additionally, our systems offer time-lapse recording to monitor project progress and AI-driven analytics to enhance site safety and efficiency.

Can the CCTV system be integrated with existing security measures in civil engineering projects?

Absolutely. Our CCTV systems are designed for seamless integration with existing security frameworks, including SmartGuard 360. This integration enhances overall security management, providing a comprehensive view of the site and enabling efficient coordination with other security measures in place.

How do your CCTV solutions benefit vacant property management?

For vacant properties, security is a prime concern. Our CCTV solutions are equipped with motion-triggered surveillance technology, providing immediate alerts for any unauthorized activities. This ensures constant vigilance, deterring trespassers and reducing the risk of vandalism or theft in unoccupied properties.

Are the CCTV systems scalable for different project sizes?

Yes, our CCTV solutions are highly scalable. They can be customized to suit the specific needs of any project, regardless of its size. Whether it’s a small-scale construction project or a large civil engineering endeavor, our systems can be tailored to provide optimal surveillance and security.

How does remote access enhance the functionality of your CCTV services?

Remote access is a key feature of our CCTV services, allowing site managers and security personnel to monitor live feeds from any location. This provides the flexibility to manage site security remotely, ensuring constant oversight and the ability to respond promptly to any security incidents, even when off-site.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

What is keyholding in security services?

Keyholding is a security service where we hold onto a set of keys to a building, property, or site and is responsible for responding to alarm activations and, when possible, securing the premises.

Why is keyholding important?

Keyholding is important because it provides a quick response in case of an alarm activation or security breach, ensuring that the property remains secure and protected.

What is the employer's legal obligation when the keyholder is an employee?

The employer has a legal duty of care for the safety of the keyholder if they are an employee. If any harm comes to the keyholder as a result of their keyholder duties, such as responding to a fire alarm or intruder alert, the employer could face fines or imprisonment under a charge of Corporate Manslaughter. To alleviate this responsibility, it is recommended to use a professional keyholding service that provides 24/7 availability and professional expertise, offering greater security for both employers and employees.due to

What are the benefits of keyholding services?

The benefits of keyholding services include quick response times, reduced liability, and peace of mind knowing that your property is secure.

Who should consider using keyholding services?

Keyholding services are ideal for commercial & residential properties, businesses, and organisations that require 24/7 security coverage.

How does keyholding work?

Keyholding works by having a trusted third party hold onto a set of keys to a building, property, or site and respond to alarm activations and secure the premises when possible.

Can you provide keyholding services outside of normal business hours?

Yes, keyholding services are designed to provide security coverage 24/7, including outside of normal business hours.

What happens if there is an alarm activation?

If there is an alarm activation, the keyholding service provider will respond to the scene to secure the premises and take appropriate action, such as contacting the police or fire department.

Do keyholding services include mobile patrols?

Our keyholding services can also include mobile patrols to provide additional security coverage and ensure the property is secure.

What kind of training do your keyholding personnel receive?

Our keyholding personnel receive comprehensive training on security procedures, emergency response protocols, and customer service to ensure that they provide the best possible service.

How does your keyholding service ensure the confidentiality and security of our keys?

Our keyholding service implements strict security procedures to ensure the confidentiality and security of our clients' keys, including secure storage, restricted access, and background checks on all personnel.

How do I initiate the process of ordering and setting up keyholding and alarm response services with

Visit our contact page, answer a few quick questions, and we'll be in touch with the setup process.

Drone Services

What drones do you use?

We deploy the latest Drone equipment that is fit for purpose.

Are appointments guaranteed?

Almost, the weather is our biggest enemy. If conditions are harmful to the drone and risk public safety, such as high winds, rain or extreme cold, we cannot fly. Cancelled flights are due to safety and insurance reasons.

Construction Time-Lapse

What is Construction Time-Lapse ?

A CCTV camera is positioned at an appropriate location to take still images of construction works throughout the build. On completion these images are stitched together to provide  a speeded up video of the build.