Security Response & Electronic Security

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a leading security services provider and are often asked diverse questions concerning security, our services, and general inquiries.

Virtual Guard

Does your Virtual Security Guard require on-site power and internet?

No, power and internet are included within the in-house developed solar container.

Can I live stream CCTV from my site?

Yes, the Virtual Guard plus includes a live streaming camera. However, as a battery-saving feature, it can only be used to check-in on-site occasionally.

How often do you need to visit the site to replace batteries?

We will not need to carry out battery changes; however, if your site produces significant activity, we may need to change camera batteries annually.

Do you charge for security response with your Virtual Security Guard service?

No, but subject to fair usage, we do not charge for confirmed intruder response. However, suppose your staff regularly activate the alarm, and we are not informed that they are meant to be on-site. In that case, there could be a charge for false alarm response.

Do I get access to the Virtual Security Guard system?

You can have access to the Virtual Guard streaming camera. We do not offer access to the Virtual Guard detection cameras as this can interfere with our monitoring and response services.

Can the system be set to auto arm and disarm at the times I choose?

Yes, we can set calendars, however this requires a site visit.

Who monitors my site with the Virtual Security Guard?

Our monitoring is in-house and performed by SIA licensed individuals who are familiar with your site. Unlike our competitors, who utilise unregulated firms that employ unlicensed individuals, we believe detection through response should be handled by security licensed individuals. 

Vacant Property Services

What are Vacant Property Services

Vacant Property services include cleaning, clearing and removing hazards from properties, disconnection of services, maintenance and regular documented inspections. Additionally, we can take measures to secure the property from intruders, arson and squatting.

Whats included in Vacant Property Inspections

Many insurance companies require that vacant properties be visited regularly to ensure the property remains secure and in good shape. Vacant property inspections highlight any issues, such as water leaks, the appearance of mould/dampness, and broken fence panels, are dealt with promptly. Furthermore, meter readings are recorded, and photographic evidence of any issues is collected. 

How do you secure the property if all services are disconnected

We utilise our virtual guard video verification service designed explicitly for vacant properties. Our system links the external or internal video with licensed security professionals, instantly verifying whether an intruder is on site. Solar-powered and independent broadband means no services are required from the site.

Private Investigations

What are risk solutions?

Risk solutions can take many forms. Our Risk solutions include services generally offered in the professional investigator sector.

Are professional investigators regulated?

The professional investigator industry is not regulated. However, unethical or illegal practices can be met with heavy sanctions, including prison terms against the investigator. 

What legislation guides professional investigators?

We are guided by legislation such as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) codes of practice, The Data Protection Act, The European Human Rights Act 1998 and more.

Keyholding & Mobile Patrol

What is Keyholding?

We hold a set of keys for your property and respond to any intruder alarm activations that are notified to us by your alarm receiving Centre. Depending on the outcome of our response visit, we will carry out any pre-approved tasks.

What are Mobile Patrols ?

Mobile patrols are licensed security officers that visit your premises, in a livered security vehicle, at agreed fixed or ad-hoc times to check on the integrity of your property. If any anomalies are discovered, they will escalate the issues based on a pre-agreed procedure. real-Time reports are sent on each visit and all vehicle movements are recorded via a GPS tracker.

Are Keyholding & Mobile Patrols the same services ?

Well, yes and no. The same security operative can perform them, or they can be performed independently. The reason they are mentioned together is that they both require a security vehicle to perform there duties. 

What is the Keyholding fee for?

We charge an annual or monthly keyholding fee to enable you to retain our services. We allocate resources based on the potential workload of current clients, so you are guaranteed a response. The Keyholding fee is separate from the response fee (see next FAQ).

What is the response fee?

Response fees are charged when we attend an alarm activation to your site. Charges start when we arrive and stop when we leave.

Lock & Unlock services.

We can perform lock and unlock services for your premises for the purpose of giving access to cleaners, tradesmen, staff and so on.

Construction Time-Lapse

What is Construction Time-Lapse ?

A CCTV camera is positioned at an appropriate location to take still images of construction works throughout the build. On completion these images are stitched together to provide  a speeded up video of the build.

Commercial Drone Services

What drones do you use?

We deploy the latest Drone equipment that is fit for purpose.

Are appointments guaranteed?

Almost, the weather is our biggest enemy. If conditions are harmful to the drone and risk public safety, such as high winds, rain or extreme cold, we cannot fly. Cancelled flights are due to safety and insurance reasons.