Enhance Your Commercial Surveillance with Armour's Drone Services

At Armour, we specialise in delivering advanced and effective surveillance solutions tailored for vacant commercial properties. Our drone services offer a unique vantage point for inspecting and monitoring your vacant properties, enabling you to acquire high-quality aerial footage and data efficiently. Whether you need to assess the condition of a construction project, survey an extensive area, or safeguard your assets, our drone services offer a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Our state-of-the-art drones are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring precise data collection and the capture of high-quality aerial footage. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your vacant properties based on accurate and reliable information.

Our team comprises licensed and insured pilots and technicians who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most innovative drone services tailored to meet your specific needs. We are committed to providing a reliable and safe inspection and monitoring experience, ensuring that you can place trust in the information we provide.

By utilising our drone services, you can confidently inspect and monitor your vacant commercial properties. Our services provide a unique perspective on your properties, allowing you to access information that may otherwise be inaccessible. Contact us today to discover how our services can help you gather the vital information you need to make well-informed decisions for your vacant properties.

Service features

  • Site inspections
  • Lifecycle progress imaging
  • Planning
  • Perimeter security assessments
  • Arial security services
  • Registered and insured for commercial operations

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Frequently asked questions

What drones do you use?

We deploy the latest Drone equipment that is fit for purpose.

Are appointments guaranteed?

Almost, the weather is our biggest enemy. If conditions are harmful to the drone and risk public safety, such as high winds, rain or extreme cold, we cannot fly. Cancelled flights are due to safety and insurance reasons.