Security Response & Electronic Security

Why Armour Security

Armour Security provides Vacant Property services, including Utilities shut off and drain down, Anti-Arson measures, onsite protection with our Virtual Security Guard, Security response & Security fencing.

When a property becomes void, landlords, surveyors, property agents and insurance brokers must work together to adhere to Health & Safety, Security and the additional conditions that insurers will impose. There are many traps to be avoided to ensure you comply with regulations, protect your property and make sure a full indemnity is obtained from the policy should disaster strike. Failure to identify and implement vacant property conditions will result in uninsured losses, unlawful actions and financial loss, adding further to the burden of costs a void property already has on a portfolio.

Unlike network service companies such as Nexus, you will work directly with Armour Security, who have working experience from top to bottom in all services we provide. As with all our services, you are covered with our Price Guarantee.

Service features

  • Utilities Shut Off & Drain Down
  • Regular property checks supported with Real-Time on-line reporting
  • 100% Solar Powered & wireless security system
  • Wireless, remotely monitored technology
  • Actively monitors and deters via 105dB siren and audio alerts
  • Talk & listen to Site
  • Arm & disarm remotely or at set times
  • No Charge for Security Response
  • Anti-Arson measures

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