Security Response & Electronic Security

Concrete barriers are considered one of the best solutions to deter unwelcome vehicle access and assist plant protection—a quick and effective way to get you protected.

Armour Security can provide concrete barriers to protect commercial or residential property from intruders by preventing unauthorised vehicle access. Our temporary concrete barrier hire helps prevent access against uninvited visits from travellers, fly-tippers, vandals, and any other type of trespasser. In addition, it can act as a deterrent to anybody motivated to access your land illegally.

Barriers can also be used for traffic and crowd management. We can supply our barriers with a barrier gate add-on that permits secure vehicle access. Barrier gates can help any authorised user entrance to the site by providing a manageable, readily secured access point. Additionally, we can supply barriers with secure bolt-on fencing.

Service features

  • Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier (TVCBs) is a good security solution used by highways.
  • The Jersey Barrier is an efficient interlocking solution popular with councils and suitable for highways.
  • The Lego Block barrier is an excellent perimeter solution that can double as custom storage bays and be free-standing.