Guard Your Gear: SmartGuard 360™ Leads the Charge Against Construction Theft

Sat, November 04, 2023 by Clifford Connors.

Guard Your Gear: SmartGuard 360™ Leads the Charge Against Construction Theft

Alarm bells are ringing across the construction sector, with a recent survey highlighting a troubling reality: 89% of tradespeople have been victims of tool and equipment theft. This stark number casts a spotlight on the urgent need for heightened site security as losses amount to more than just material value—they strike at the core of income and well-being for those on the ground.

To bolster defenses against this rising tide of theft, industry veterans are sharing actionable advice, honed by experience and necessity. Here are the top recommendations for keeping construction sites secure:

  • Sturdy Storage Solutions: Avoid keeping tools in vehicles. Secure them inside a locked facility that adheres to high-security standards.
  • Intelligent Parking Practices: If you must store items in a vehicle, ensure it has an alarm and is parked in a position that hinders easy access.
  • Out of View, Out of Danger: Keep potential targets hidden; visibility equates to vulnerability.
  • Immovable Security: Fasten equipment to an unmovable object within a secure building to deter any attempts at removal.
  • Entry Management: Strictly monitor who can enter the worksite, restricting access to authorized personnel only.
  • Tech-Assisted Vigilance: Utilize video surveillance such as SmartGuard360 to oversee the site around the clock.
  • Make Your Mark: Mark tools and equipment with identifiable tags to dissuade theft and facilitate recovery if they are stolen.
  • Just-In-Time Inventory: Refrain from hoarding high-value materials like lead and copper, minimizing the temptation for thieves.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Security: Equip construction vehicles with tracking and immobilization technology to prevent theft and aid in recovery.
  • Last Call for Lockdown: Perform a comprehensive security check each day before leaving the site to ensure that all preventive measures are active.

As the daylight hours dwindle, the threat of theft under the cover of darkness looms larger. Prevention is the most potent weapon in this ongoing battle. With these strategic measures in place, tradespeople can fortify their sites against the pervasive threat of theft.

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