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Fake News !!

Thu, March 17, 2022 by Clifford Connors.

Fake News !!

Trust in the media must be at an all-time low. The focus for the news appears to be the validity of headlines rather than the headlines themselves. Historically, journalists held those in positions of power to account, newspaper sales depended on the non-partisan gotcha stories, completely different from the politically biased hit jobs of today. Despite this, many journalists attached most significance to the views of political leaders, the police, wealthy individuals and so on, this is called relying on the Hierarchy of Credibility. The consequence of this arrangement was total control of the narrative for the Government and media. The man on the street was none the wiser; what we didn't know didn't harm us, then came technology, the internet, and smartphones.

Technology and internet-enabled devices have created citizen journalism. Anyone with suitable tech can process, collect, report, analyze, and disseminate news and information in real-time, with virtually no budget. As a result, breaking news can be broadcast on social media around the world before "professional" journalists get a sniff. Consequently, the MSM have found themselves scrambling to get ahead of the story; they have lost the "Breaking News" and information monopoly and will play every dirty trick in the book without a care for their patronizing self-belief in their own superiority.

To be perceived as the only reliable source of news and information, the media roll out hungry media “experts” who are remarkably bad at what their chosen subjects. Even when these "experts" are proven wrong time and again, they book the same people, not excepting their mistakes and believing that if the lies are consistent, we would start believing them, and many do.

We can all verify facts with simple PC and internet skills. Searching multiple peer-reviewed independent journals, basic image forensics, weighing the probabilities and practicalities of a story and looking at both sides of an argument will give you confidence. If not, don't believe what you see or hear from the media. Social media is a no go for facts and should only be used in the same way we consume the red-top tabloids.

The fact is that there are no pure truth-tellers in the media, and worse, can never be. All news is fake or out of context and will always be. Headline seeking experts are biased, and that can't change. Our systems and our human nature ensure those results.

All is not lost; our growing understanding that we've all been duped by "experts" numerous times on numerous topics gives us an advantage. But we need to remember that it isn't a "one side is always bad" problem. Rational, independent thinking is essential, don't get caught up in groupthink and keep an eye out for your unconscious biases.

Maybe this gets fixed with a "Royal Courts of Reality", where facts and untruths are debated and ruled upon by our finest scholars. But, significantly, the minority opinion must be fully expressed. So the question is, could this work without corruption? We must find a solution; our national security depends on it.