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Construction site theft can be mitigated.

Thu, December 16, 2021 by Clifford Connors.

Construction site theft can be mitigated.

Construction firms must develop systems measuring the overall effect and type of theft and destruction that affects them. For example, large construction companies tend to be more affected by theft; smaller construction companies find vandalism more costly. Such data enables them to determine whether techniques they would typically assume as standard are as effective as thought. In addition, the data will assist in determining the type of construction site security measures for your business.

Many police statistics indicate that equipment theft is an inside job all too often. For example, studies have reported that 85% of Jobsite thefts were employee-related. These thefts may be driven by workers employed short-term. However, contractors disagree; they cannot consider that such a large percentage of employees were the foremost perpetrators of thefts. 

According to employers, an average of 33% of theft incidents involve employees or former employees, much less than conventional wisdom. Therefore, to fight potential difficulties, it is suggested that contractors conduct background checks on all workers, including subcontractors' employees.

Theft and vandalism on construction sites, in my understanding, do not appear to be randomly distributed. Instead, the characteristics of construction projects will impact the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime. With this in mind, contractors should implement practices that will ensure their projects are less attractive to would-be thieves and vandals.

Contractors must be proactive with their construction site security to curtail theft and vandalism on their sites rather than wait for problems to arise. The initial investment in developing a complete job site security plan before beginning construction work can be small compared to the losses resulting from the theft of an expensive piece of equipment. 

By recognizing that potential issues of theft or vandalism exist on every construction site, contractors can implement measures to reduce the probability of being a target for thieves and vandals. Please feel free to drop Armour Security a line for construction site security advice.